A new book deal for Sarah Lariviere!

Big congratulations to Sarah Lariviere, on her next book deal for her second novel, TIME TRAVEL FOR LOVE AND PROFIT! This superb novel will be published by Kelly Delaney at Knopf Books for Young Readers, and comes out next year. I adore this novel. If you like to read books that literary love stories, with a speculative twist, this is for you!

Just a bit more about the book…

Nephele is a whip-smart math prodigy who invents time travel in order to re-do a disastrous first year of high school. Unfortunately, Nephele becomes stuck in a time loop that results in her repeating that year ten times in a row.

Now facing yet another freshman year, Nephele knows what to expect. Or so she thinks. She didn’t anticipate that a new teacher would be a student from her first ninth grade class, now a grown man; or that she would finally make a new friend. And she couldn’t have pictured someone like Jazz, with his deep blue eyes, goofy magic tricks and the quietly intense way in which he sees her. She never imagined telling him about her invention. Or the terrible decision she’ll have to make, once she does.

TIME TRAVEL FOR LOVE & PROFIT is literary and stirring. Nephele’s voice is bright, strong, funny. I love all the questions this book asks, and the beautiful love story it tells.

Stay tuned for more info and the gorgeous cover….

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