David Mamet Kick Starts the Season

Well, Labor Day is past and so we here at the Crow hope you all are settling down to some serious work. We certainly are.

mametAmong the many helps we’ve found during our off time is this memo from the mighty David Mamet—the profane, too-often-too-thinky, shamelessly wordy (and so close to my heart) playwright, director, and essayist. His sage advice keeps us focused, our eyes on the prize and our noses to the grindstone and our shoulders to every cliché within shouting distance.

On the off chance his admonitions might help you, you can find them here. This is a note he sent to the writers of the now-defunct television show The Unit, which, despite its unfortunate name, has at least given us this kick in the ass.

Okay, summer’s over! Now put your butt in your chair and get to work!

  1. So excited! I’ve recently begun work on a manuscript that I hope to send to Chris someday. Nose to the grindstone!


  2. I am not a blogger who bounces from blog to blog sending “love this” notes.

    In fact, I am most often annoyed by those who do, for to me, it just adds up to so much pixel static.

    But I gotta say…


  3. Okay . . . that was an awesome article. I’m printing it out. Thanks.


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