Happy Book Birthday to CONFUSION IS NOTHING NEW by Paul Acampora!

I’m delighted to wish this marvelous, funny book and it’s author, Paul Acampora, the very happiest of book birthdays!

Ellie Magari just learned that her mother is dead. Perhaps that would be sad if Ellie had ever met the woman. Exactly who was Ellie’s mom? Does it even matter that she’s gone? Perhaps a dead mom can still help Ellie figure out what it means to be a girl in the world today. Either way, Ellie wouldn’t mind a role model beyond her master chef Dad.

Fueled by the bighearted sounds of ’80s rock and roll, plus large doses of Cyndi Lauper’s girl-power joy, Confusion Is Nothing New is about friendship, family mysteries, and the perfect pizza. It’s also about fathers and daughters and girls who understand that it’s good to make things, but breaking things is okay too. 

In fact, sometimes breaking things is required.

Read on for our excellent reviews!

“Ellie’s quest to determine who her mother really was, helped along by those who knew her, reads like a light mystery and drives the story forward. Yet it’s the dry wit of Acampora’s characters—including Ellie’s principal, the wise and wisecracking Sister Stephanie—and the love of ’80s music permeating every scene that give this story its rhythm and soul.” — Publishers Weekly

“Two things make the novel enjoyable…: the many idiosyncratic characters who bring the story to life and the irrepressible humor, which is unexpected, often droll, and sometimes laugh-aloud funny. A satisfying novel of loss, change, and renewal.”—Booklist

“Filled with references to 80s pop music, Acampora’s fast-paced and entertaining novel will satisfy lovers of family stories that have a touch of mystery.” —School Library Journal

Please find CONFUSION IS NOTHING NEW at your library or local bookstore. Congrats and happiest of Pub Days to Paul — stop by his site, here and here, to say hello!

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