Overheard #2: Signs

Cattitude2(Crow and Companion in kitchen before attending a wedding.)

Companion: Why in god’s name is there a painting of the cat above his food dish?

Crow: Well, obviously, so that he knows where to find his food. And that it’s his.

Companion: A sign would have been too simple?

Crow: Oh, come on—he’s a cat. He can’t read.

  1. Ha! What a delightful exchange. I can see my working dog (I’m deaf) Pickles asking for a picture of herself over the water bowl. She gets frustrated the cats think it’s the community watering hole. (Hugs)Indigo


  2. I don’t really want to think about the art you have hanging over the litter box. A Santat heinie, only more instructive?


  3. Upon reading your post, I immediately searched the Internet to see if cats can, indeed, read. What I discovered was extremely controversial:

    Only cool cats can read.

    Furthermore, cats can read but they don’t care. Some people wonder if cats can read minds (yes), and that “there are cats on record that have fallen 20 stories or more without ill effects.” (Nothing to do with reading, but interesting nonetheless.)

    This was all on the Internet, so you know it’s true. ; )


  4. Do you have a picture of a mouse over it’s mouse hole?


  5. Why isn’t the food itself the sign of where his food is? Doesn’t the cat know it’s his? Just wondering, because I’m about to get a cat, because I have mice who know all too well where the food is.


  6. You should see the great painting over Michael’s seat at the dinner table.


  7. Why three bowls? What’s in the third one? Beer? Bears?


  8. Yay, kitteh pikchurs!


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