The Big Time

Lights! Camera! Action! I’m thrilled to announce that this week, two of my clients snagged themselves a segment on the CBS Early Show (which, in case you didn’t know, boasts a cool 3 million viewers).

A big congratulations to the phenomenal Deesha Philtvyaw and Michael Thomas, a powerful ex-wife and ex-husband writing duo who teamed up to practice and advocate co-parenting. What the heck is co-parenting, you ask? Co-parenting is the post-divorce practice of putting aside your differences with your ex for the sake of the children in order to create a stable, loving family environment.

In addition to their personal commitment to their children, Deesha and Mike created the website, an online resource for divorced parents looking for ways to effectively and lovingly care for their children. Additionally, they co-host a weekly radio show called Co-Parenting Matters. Last but most definitely not least, their book proposal, Co-Parenting 101, which shows readers how to put the most important principles of co-parenting to work in their daily lives, is in the hands of publishers as I write this, so there should be good publishing news coming for Deesha and Mike very soon.

Deesha and Mike are an inspiration, and true role models for parents who wish to foster a nurturing family environment after divorce.

You can watch a clip of their interview on the Early Show and learn more about their amazing story here.

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  2. This is great! Congratulations to them on their upcoming book and for educating parents about co-parenting.


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