The Dark Divine Goes Hollywood!

Being a writer has a lot to do with being a dreamer.

Every writer dreams about writing a novel—the characters, the plot, the emotions that go into telling the story. The next step, of course, is the dream about getting that novel published. To have your writing reach others. But sometimes, the dream extends beyond that.

We are ecstatic here at Upstart Crow with congratulations to our very own Bree Despain, whose DARK DIVINE trilogy has been optioned by 1019 Entertainment. You can read all about it in the Variety article here.

And coming at the end of December this year is the second Dark Divine novel,  THE LOST SAINT. As before, Egmont has put together a truly stunning package—which you can get a sneak peek of after the break.

  1. Congrats, Bree! Awesome news.


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