Accolades for Sarah Tregay’s FAN ART

FanArt_FINALI am fizzy with fangirl-ish glee! Sarah Tregay’s sophomore novel, FAN ART, has been nominated by YALSA (the American Library Association) as one of the best Books for Young Readers, 2015.

This isn’t Sarah’s first time on this fantastic list. Her debut novel, LOVE AND LEFTOVERS, was a YALSA 2013 Best Fiction for Young Adults finalist.

FAN ART is a tremendously special book, as it is at the forefront of the movement to create diversity in young adult literature. In FAN ART, seventeen year-old Jamie is in love with his best friend Mason, but is afraid that if he shares his feelings, he’ll lose Mason’s friendship forever. Ever since I read an early draft of the story back in 2011, it’s been my hope that FAN ART would cross boundaries–that it would allow LGBT readers to see themselves reflected in popular literature, as well as allowing readers of every sexual orientation to bond over the universal truth about the pain and thrill of falling for a good friend.

Sarah Tregay writes a heck of of a love story, and when she does, her fans clamor for it–across all lines of gender or race. It’s exciting to see a novel like FAN ART on the YALSA list, and the fact that we are able to push–and redefine–the boundaries of what is “normal” is perhaps the most amazing part of working in YA publishing today.

We are thrilled to see Sarah’s work on this year’s YALSA list among so many talented writers, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


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