Announcing a deal! GHOSTS OF ORDINARY OBJECTS by Angie Smibert

I’m delighted to share that Angie Smibert’s MG historical fiction novel GHOSTS OF ORDINARY OBJECTS, has sold in a three book deal to Rebecca Davis at Boyds Mills!

Sometimes the hardest story to love is your own.

Set in a Southern Virginia coal mining town in 1942, GHOSTS OF ORDINARY OBJECTS: BONE’S GIFT introduces us to twelve year old Bone Phillips, who can see the stories in ordinary objects—and she doesn’t much like it. It’s her family Gift, as her Mamaw calls it. In a jelly jar, fiddle or even a butter yellow sweater, Bone sees tales of loss, grief, love and hope. But these aren’t the stories Bone likes to tell. She’d much rather spin yarns of gypsies or talking animals. Bone’s Mama had the Gift too, but Bone doesn’t know much about her; she died when Bone was young. But when Bone finds a note saying that the Gift killed her mother, she knows it’s time to learn more.

GHOSTS OF ORDINARY OBJECTS: BONE’S GIFT weaves Bone’s story and the mystery of her mother’s death into a beautifully resonant tale about the power of story.  Author Angie Smibert summons this coal-mining town to life by drawing together history and Appalachian folklore, giving us not just the facts, but the heart of this place. She populates it with characters just as richly felt – among them Bone, whose quiet strength radiates, beautifully, through this book.

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