Crash Test Love

Although I typically blog about my authors’ books, today I am actually writing about my own.

On June 8th, my second novel for teens, Crash Test Love, was released. I truly believe that having the firsthand experience of publishing a novel—finishing that elusive first draft, going through rounds of revision with a skilled editor, worrying about the cover, reviews, and all that jazz—only makes me a more insightful and skilled agent, and I am incredibly proud to share this novel with all of you.

I am happy to invite any Upstart Crow blog readers who live on Long Island to a reading I will be doing at the Barnes and Noble in Carle Place tonight at 7pm.

More details here:


  1. Congrats, Ted! I look forward to reading it!


  2. Congratulations, Ted! I can’t wait to read the book, and wish I could be at the event tonight. Have a great time!


  3. Congratulations Ted! Love the title 🙂


  4. Oh. My. God, Ted. You are a big SECRET KEEPER! Congratulations, belatedly, and I can’t wait to read it!



  5. Sweet! That is so cool! Huzzah, congratulations, and all that jazz *does jazz hands repeatedly*

    I will have to add that to my to-read pile.


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