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You’re in the thick of your search for an agent. You’ve come upon our lovely website. You’ve read all of our biimagesos, read about our tastes, etc. You think the agency rocks (of course you do!). You kinda like my vibe. But you’re still looking for more info, for clues tell you if I’m the perfect agent match for you.

Why not head over to the Chuck Sambuchino’s fantastic blog, where you will not only learn tons about writing and the business of publishing, you’ll also learn a little bit more about little ol’ me.

See you in queryland!

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I enjoyed getting to know your likes and dislikes better. Upstart Crow seems like such a great agency. I’m looking forward to meeting Chris Richman at the SCBWI conference in Charlotte next week.


  2. Enjoyed the interview, your take on things very interesting and insightful. I, too, like all that I see about Upstart Crow. All the best in future endeavors.


  3. I loved the interview but would like to know when it was actually given… you see, just two days before… I sent the most clairvoyant query that mentioned – almost phrase by phrase – so many of the things that came out in your answers (historical, new, too many hot boy characters, anti-vampire backlash) Crazy coincidence, or maybe one of us can read minds?


    Hello Ms. Chiotti,

    Too many vampires, zombies, wizards and attractive main characters getting you down?

    What you need is a hairy heroine, starving dinosaurs and a human population that’s mutating at an evolutionary rate.

    Daisy is a 13-14-ish-old prehistoric cavegirl living with a small tribe of the original human Neanderthals.

    As her fellow teen bozos begin to mature, her natural leadership qualities start to emerge and she finds herself butting up against:

    A) the most chauvinistic society ever
    B) a system of spirituality that explains nothing
    and C) six-fingered enemies who, if they survive, will never master the metric system.

    Prehistoric Teenage Cavejerks (70k) is an original work. I should repeat that. Not a single freakin’ undead dude or blood-sucking pretty-boy in the entire book….

    >>Anyway, great job on the interview, loved the comment about an open mind. Seems like a lot of agents are so busy looking for something so specific that they forgot our kids want to be challenged by something new. My kids, too, are over magic and werewolves and “The Chosen One.”


  4. I’ve been trying for two weeks to find submission information but I keep getting a dark green web page with no text when I click “How to Submit.” The twitter and facebook pages weren’t helpful.

    Can anyone post or send me the submission guidelines? I don’t want to send my query to Danielle Chiotti and have it not meet guidelines.



    • Hi Susan,

      The How to Submit page is working for me on several different browsers, so I’m not sure what the problem is with your loading the page (which is here: We are not keen to start the precedent of having to email the posted guidelines to anyone who can’t see the page for whatever reason—especially as there are further links about her tastes in the guidelines.

      I’d recommend you try using other browsers and also that you empty the cache on your browser before loading the page so that you get a fresh load. Yours is the only complaint we’ve had about this.

      Good luck.


  5. Enjoyed the interview, Danielle. Very comprehensive! You obviously love your job. 🙂
    best wishes
    Sheryl Gwyther


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