Happy Book Birthday, LOVE, TRIANGLE!

I’m so happy to wish LOVE, TRIANGLE by Marcie Colleen and Bob Shea the very happiest of book birthdays! LOVE, TRIANGLE was a special project right from the start – when Marcie and I first met to discuss representation, we talked over a number of her manuscripts. She mentioned a story she had brewing – nothing to share yet – about a Circle and a Square who have been friends forever…

…Circle and Square just fit, the way best friends do. Then someone new comes along: Triangle. Triangle is different, bold, inspiring. A wedge develops between Circle and Square and before long, they find they no longer fit the way they used to. Can this friendship for two grow to become one for three?

The genius of LOVE, TRIANGLE is its geometry-inspired wordplay, but the story will resonate with even the youngest readers – after all, you don’t have to understand the Pythagorean Theorem to know what it’s like when a friendship gets bent out of shape, and needs to be put back together again.

Well, of course I was intrigued! Marcie sent me the text a year after we began working together. We were both thrilled when it found a happy home at Balzer + Bray, and Bob Shea was able to create the charming, clever illustrations.

Please find this book at your library or local bookstore – it is a real delight!

Congrats and happiest of Pub Days to Marcie Colleen and Bob Shea — stop by their sites to say hello. You’ll find Marcie here and here.

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