Hello! We have a blog! (Just like every other kid on the block.)

If you know anything about books, you’ve got opinions. Just ask any librarian. Or writer. Or reader. Or more to the point, literary agent.

We here at Upstart Crow Literary flatter ourselves that we know a thing or two, so we are going to launch an occasional podcast. In it we will gab about what we’re reading, what trends we’ve noticed, exemplars of craft we should all pay attention to, which authors we think are All That, and maybe even conduct interviews with writers and gadabouts whom we admire.

So subscribe to our RSS feed (if you are the technologically savvy sort), or just check back in every now and again (if you are, like me, just plain grateful for the new-fangled wizardry of this internet thingamajig), and drop us a line care of podcast@upstartcrowliterary.com if there is anything you’d like us to talk about.

  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been looking for more literary podcasts to listen to (it so beats listening to music at the gym) and this will be perfect. Congrats on the new blog!


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