Our Hundredth Post!

Yes, yes, BIG DEAL, you say. (Really, you should be nicer.)

But we are simple folk and made proud by all sorts of little things, and we’re proud that we’ve (mostly) kept up with this here group endeavor.

And so my long explanation of what subsidiary rights are and why authors should hold on to them will have to wait. (Sorry, Steve.) Instead, a wee celebratory tune from Frank Turner, the greatest musician you do not know. This song, “Photosynthesis,” is from his achingly awesome record Love, Ire & Song. I love this guy so much. Just saw him perform last week in a record store here in New York. He was tremendous.

As is this song. Here he and these kids are speaking for all of us in children’s books. But especially for us here at Upstart Crow.

As I always say on the mixes I make for friends: Don’t be afraid to play it LOUD.

Have a happy Friday and a good weekend.

  1. Yea! Yea! Happy Friday Indeed! Lovin the Irish vibe. I’m heading to iTunes right now!!! And I won’t shut up!


  2. You like Frank Turner and got to see him live? You’re cooler than I thought–um, I mean, I knew you were cool.


  3. Thanks for the song, Michael. I quite loved it.


  4. Happy 100th!

    And thanks for introducing me to Frank Turner. I’ll be humming this tune all night.


  5. Such a joyful video. Thank you. And congrats.


  6. […] a new favorite song to go on the playlist.  I can thank literary agent Michael Stearns over on the Upstart Crow blog for the tip, and yes, if you listen you’ll easily pick out my favorite […]


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