Overheard #1: Sandwiches

Snow-Sandwich(Crow and Companion driving around small California town before wedding.)

Companion (reading sign): What’s a grinder?

Crow: You know, it’s like a hoagie. Or a speedie. Or, like, a hero.

Companion: Like a sub?

Crow: Yeah!

Companion: So you mean a sandwich. Why don’t you just say sandwich? You silly Americans. So many names for “sandwich.” It’s like Eskimos with “snow.”

  1. This is a bit like talking shades of color with my husband. O:)


  2. Every edit a book goes through makes it stronger. I would definitely want my trusted agent’s input.


  3. Ah, makes you think. You have to love the gift of language. Gives us the ability to complicate the simple. 😉


  4. In my family we call them Dagwoods;)
    So there’s another to add to the list.


  5. Im honored you read my blog interview – thank you. i look forward to your interview 🙂


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