The Key & The Flame Comes out Today!

katfWe at Upstart Crow Literary are very excited to announce the publication of Claire Caterer’s debut novel The Key & The Flame, published by Margaret K. Mcelderry books! Claire is a wonderfully talented author who worked long and hard to bring this story of magic and mystery into the world.

The Key & The Flame follows eleven-year-old Holly Shepard, a bookish girl who desperately seeks some escape from her boring life living in the middle of Kansas. When her family takes a trip to England, Holly gets more than she bargained for when she receives an old iron key that unlocks a door to a secret world, and also the potential for magic within her.

Holly is joined on her journey by two tagalongs—her younger brother Ben, and Everett, an English boy who hungers after Holly’s newfound magic and carries a few secrets of his own. Holly, Ben, and Everett go from being ordinary kids in our world to extraordinary guests in a new world–but can Holly and friends be able to muster the courage and rise above her ordinary past to become an extraordinary hero?

When I first read the pitch for Claire Caterer’s story, I was immediately drawn in by the classic feel of the story, but particularly by Claire’s wonderful voice as a narrator. Seemingly without trying very hard, Claire was able to infuse the narration with humor, intrigue, and mystery, and make her characters stand out in a wonderful way that will appeal to reader’s of all ages.

I’m so excited for others to experience the adventure of The Key & The Flame. And once you’ve fallen in love, the story will continue next year with a sequel!

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