Twenty Boy Summer

Sometimes, books change lives. I’m not talking about self-help books, either. I’m also not talking about being on the subway and randomly getting accosted by a man with a knife, who launches the blade at your chest from across the aisle, but thankfully you’re reading the new Dan Brown book and the hardcover acts like a shield.

What I’m talking about is this: Occasionally, you read a book that is so beautiful and full of life that it makes you to stop to think about your own life: how you are living it, who you are living it with, and what’s important to you.

Sarah Ockler’s Twenty Boy Summer is one of those books. And May first was the official release date of the paperback, which is just as good as the hardcover only adorned with wonderful blurbs and fantastic reviews.

Stealing liberally from Sarah’s blog (, Why should you snag a copy? Well…

Top 10 Reasons to Pick Up Twenty Boy Summer in Paperback:

  1. The paperback has all the summery sea glass love of the hardcover at about half the price.
  2. If you don’t have access to the real beach, Twenty Boy Summer will take you there from the comforts of your couch or cubicle, no sunscreen required.
  3. Twenty Boy Summer was selected for the 2009 Kids IndieNext List and was just nominated for the YALSA Teens’ Top 10 and the YA Book Bloggers Debut Book Battle of 2010.
  4. Do you know what that little red piece on the cover means? You have to read the book to find out!
  5. Reading Twenty Boy Summer is just like visiting the ocean, only without the uncomfortable post-day-at-the-beach sand in your pants.
  6. The paperback is super portable, leaving tons more room in your beach bag for important stuff like lip gloss, sunscreen, bottled water, gum, adorable flip-flops, and a few other fun summer reads!
  7. Boys, nothing says “I’m smart, sensitive, open-minded, and looking for summer love” like a dude on a beach blanket reading a heart-covered book! Seriously, reading TBS is like wearing a pink shirt or holding a baby. It’s practically a love magnet!
  8. Kirkus calls the book “a sincere, romantic tearjerker” and Booklist says its “lyrical writing will satisfy fans of Sarah Dessen,” the queen of summer YA stories!
  9. Unlike bikini season, getting ready for book season requires no embarrassing public dressing room try-ons, contortionist shaving rituals, or last-minute crash dieting! And the best reason to pick up Twenty Boy Summer in paperback?

And—even though Sarah did not write this last one:

10. You will really, really, really love it.

So, congratulations, Sarah! Now everyone go get a copy! Or two!

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  2. I really loved this book! I will probably buy it again so that I can have the paperback version on hand at any time!


  3. Wow! Thank you for the suggestion. I will have to check this one out. And I’m curious about the red piece on the cover…


  4. late to reply, but for sure will pick this up at work today and read this weekend. And, will be sure to recommend in general (and to Sarah Dessen fans in particular).


  5. In other words, moving this to the top of the top of my YA to read list….


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