We're back! (fingers crossed)

Some web work is better left to the experts. That is, people with skills and understanding. That is, people other than me.

Humpty_Dumpty_TennielWe are back—not just from vacations and working holidays, but from the netherworld that is 404 status for the blog. In a heart-breakingly comic series of mishaps, I managed to delete both the company blog and, in trying to restore that, the entire desktop from my computer (where I’d unwisely stored thousands of files), and my Time Capsule backups of same were no longer recognizing his computer. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Enter the tech monkeys at Apple, the friendly folks at our web hosting service, and the snarky genius who is Symon Chow, and it is all back up and running. I’ve aged a few decades in the past couple of days, and I lost two weeks’ work on a couple of books, but you know what? That feels like a small price to pay considering the alternative.

All of which is to say only this: Backup early and backup often. Your work is more fragile than you suspect.

  1. Thank god for tech geniuses. But why is backing up so hard to do?


  2. Glad you got it all (or most of it) back. Have you tried an online backup service like Carbonite? That’s saved me from at losing at least one book and coutless other files.


    • Abel—I have Time Machine for the Mac, which usually catches all my files. But I’d been away for a week and had yet to turn it back on, and so there were nine days or so—productive days, as it was a work retreat—that were lost.

      But, you know, I’ll recreate what was lost and it will be better. That’s as it has to be and so it shall be.


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